Amir Arastehfar successfully defended his thesis by Webmaster News 2019-12-10 07:21:28

On December 9, 2019 Amir Arastehfar successfully defended his thesis ‘Development of Fungal Identification Tools and Evaluation of Microbiological and Clinical Profiles of Candida Species from Iran.’
Promotor Teun Boekhout appreciates the hard work and the high level of Dr. Arastehfar’s research. The main aim of his research: developing reliable and relatively low-cost identification tools for clinically important yeasts. Especially in developing countries identification of fungal infections is a challenge, since the best working diagnostic tools are expensive and time consuming. More affordable techniques are mostly time consuming and inaccurate, leaving a lot to be desired.
Amir Arastehfar developed ‘YEAST PANEL” multiplex PCR which succesfully identifies 21 target species in three multiplex PCR assays. Those 21 species are responsible for 95% of all yeast driven infections in Iran. Besides promising being cheap and accurate the new technique saves precious time. The turn-around is a few hours compared to the 48-72 hours of currently used diagnostic tools.


Amir Arastehfar, selection of his publications (2016-2019)

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