We will adjust prices for cultures per March 1, 2020 by Webmaster News 2020-03-06 12:26:53

The price for some of our cultures will be lower than in 2019, for some others it will be higher. For the majority of our strains the price will stay the same!

We will implement a new differential pricing system for our cultures that will better reflect the differing costs for preservation and handling of stock, prescribed lab containment, and administrative requirements for processing orders and preparing of shipments.

Most strains will fall in the Price Category II with the same prices as in 2019. Price Category I will be for cultures of genera that are relatively easy to preserve and will be shipped as lyophilized samples (unless stock is sold out), including for example Aspergillus, Penicillium, Cladosporium, and Trichoderma.  Category III will be for cultures that are more costly to keep and handle. It will include oomycetes, human/animal pathogens (BSL-2, BSL-3), some plant pathogens (indicated as P2 or P3 in our catalogue) or organisms subject to plant health regulations (quarantaine organisms), genetically modified organisms (GMO), toxin producing organisms (T2, T3), dual use organisms, and strains that are supplied only under special transfer agreements.

Price Category Standard (non-educational clients) Educational (ca. -40%)
I 140 84
II 170 100
III 200 120

Prices are indicated for each culture in the catalogue. As before, we will give 10% discount if ten (10) or more cultures are ordered at the same time. Clients from educational institutes will as usual be given a  40 % discount.
Price Category I and II cultures which are in stock lyofilised will be supplied as such. On request, Price Category I and II cultures can be supplied on agar slants, in which case the price of the activated cultures will become Price Category III.