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freely available as downloadable pdf Hypocreales of the Southeastern United States: An Identification Guide
Authors: Gary J. Samuels, Amy Y. Rossman, Priscila Chaverri, Barrie E. Overton and Kadri Põldmaa
Details: 145pp. Ppaperback with spiral binding, 120 color photos, Peer-Reviewed, 2006

ISBN: 978-90-70351-59-5

An illustrated guide is presented to the members of the ascomycete order Hypocreales that are known to occur in the southeastern states of the United States, including North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Species were selected mainly based on records in the United States National Fungus Collections (BPI). These states include or surround the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Species of the Hypocreales are among the most numerous, and certainly most conspicuous, of the microfungi. The order also includes some of the most economically important fungi. This guide is intended for individuals who are participating in All Taxa Biological Diversity studies of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well as other interested professionals and amateurs. Short descriptions and colour illustrations of one-hundred and one species and two varieties in twenty genera are provided. Keys to genera and species are included. The new combination Neonectria ditissima is proposed.