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freely available as downloadable pdf Mycosphaerella and its anamorphs: 2. Conspectus of Mycosphaerella
Authors: André Aptroot
Details: 231pp.,2006

ISBN: 978-90-70351-60-1

A revision of the species described in Mycosphaerella and Sphaerella is presented, together with observations on the types of most species or their disposition. The genus Stigmidium is expanded to encompass fungicolous species and internal parasites of algae, and includes the genus Mycophycias. The following new names or combinations in Mycosphaerella have been made for taxa that only have names in Sphaerella or were otherwise invalid: Mycosphaerella aiacu (Speg.) Aptroot, Mycosphaerella aristoteliae (Cooke) Aptroot, Mycosphaerella bubakii Aptroot, Mycosphaerella cleidionii (Berk. & Broome) Aptroot, Mycosphaerella goodiaefolia (Cooke) Aptroot, Mycosphaerella lasiana (Sacc.) Aptroot, and Mycosphaerella piperis Sawada ex Aptroot. The following new combinations in other genera are proposed as a result of type studies: Arecophila advena (Syd.) Y.Z. Wang, Aptroot & K.D. Hyde,Arthopyrenia callunae (De Not.) Aptroot, Arthopyrenia picconii (De Not.) Aptroot, Arthopyrenia welwitschii (A.L. Sm.) Aptroot, Collemopsidium pneumatophorae(Kohlm.) Aptroot, Davidiella acrocomiicola(Bat.) Aptroot, Davidiella allicina (Fr. : Fr.) Crous & Aptroot, Davidiella ammophilae(Durieu & Mont.) Aptroot, Davidiella ariadna(Sacc.) Aptroot, Davidiella carinthiaca(Jaap) Aptroot, Davidiella cecropiae(Bat., J.L. Bezerra & Matta) Aptroot, Davidiella cepharanthae(Sawada) Aptroot, Davidiella chrysobalani(Miles) Aptroot, Davidiella clandestina(Niessl) Aptroot, Davidiella craterispermi(Hansf.) Aptroot, Davidiella decidua(Ellis & Kellerm.) Aptroot, Davidiella dioscoreicola(Syd. & P. Syd.) Aptroot, Davidiella dircae(Ellis & Everh.) Aptroot, Davidiella disseminata(De Not. & Carestia) Aptroot, Davidiella ephedricola(Butin) Aptroot, Davidiella lactucae(Ellis & Kellerm.) Aptroot, Davidiella liabi(Petr.) Aptroot, Davidiella mappiae(Petch) Aptroot, Davidiella myrticola(Speg.) Aptroot, Davidiella nemorosa(Sacc. & Speg.) Aptroot, Davidiella pogostemonis(Khokhr.) Aptroot, Davidiella pontederiae(Peck) Aptroot, Davidiella populorum(G.E. Thomps.) Aptroot, Davidiella rosigena(Ellis & Everh.) Aptroot, Davidiella sapindi(Ellis & Everh.) Aptroot, Davidiella spilota(Syd.) Aptroot, Davidiella stephanorossiae(Duke) Aptroot, Davidiella woronichinii(G. Woron.) Aptroot, Dothidotthia melanococca (Lév. ex Triana & Planchon) Aptroot, Glomerella tetraspora (Seaver) Aptroot, Gnomonia leightonii (Berk. & Broome) Aptroot, Montagnula melanorhabdos (Petr.) Aptroot, Montagnula perforans (Roberge) Aptroot, Planistromella cattleyae (Cash & A.M.J. Watson) Aptroot, Planistromella conglomeratiformis (Bubák & Vleugel) Aptroot, Planistromella majuscula (Cooke) Aptroot, Planistromella operculata (Sacc.) Aptroot, Planistromella zonata (Ellis & Everh.) Aptroot, Stigmidium apophlaeae (Kohlm.) Aptroot, Stigmidium ascophylli (Cotton) Aptroot, Stigmidium parasiticum (G. Winter) Aptroot, and Wettsteinina plantaginicola (Höhn.) Aptroot.

• Peer-Reviewed
• Paperback
• 961 small line B&W drawings, 28 small color photos