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April 13 2016

CBS Symposium Week 2016
Venue: CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, Uppsalalaan 8, The Netherlands.


A symposium organized by iGenolevures and CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre

Date: Wednesday April 13, 2016
Location: CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Uppsalalaan 8, 3584CT Utrecht, The Netherlands
[for directions see here].  

If you are interested to participate contact Teun Boekhout at A fee for the lunch in the Botanic Garden will be required if you want to join.

9.00                  Arrival and coffee

9.30-9.              Cecile Fairhead, Orsay: The iGenolevures Consortium

9.45-10.30         Jose Paulo Sampaio, Lisbon: Saccharomyces: species and populations in nature and at our table

10.30-10.50       Joseph Schacherer, Strasbourg: Species-wide survey reveals the complex landscape of the genetic origin of reproductive isolation within natural yeast populations 

10.50-11.10       Coffee break

11.10-11.30       Daniella Delneri, Manchester: Molecular and phenotypic characterisation of a new Saccharomyces "sensu stricto" species

11.30-11.50       Cecile Neuveglise, Grignon: Evolutionary genomics to resolve the taxonomomy of Yarrowiaceae

11.50-12.10       Duong Vu, Utrecht: Analyzing and validating big data: a case study of yeast DNA barcoding data

12.10-13.45       Lunch (Botanic Garden)

13.45-14.30       Toni Gabaldon, Barcelona: The origin of new yeast lineages by hybridization  

14.30-14.50       Jean Marc Daran, Delft: Genome dynamics in industrial lagerbrewing strains

14.50-15.10       Markus Göker, Braunschweich: Determining taxonomic ranks quantitatively and phylogenetically using genome-scale (and other) data

15.10-15.45       Ed Louis, Leicester: Synopsis and synthesis                

15.45                Bye bye