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August28-292017Symposium Week 2017

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Location: Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Uppsalalaan 8, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The symposium covers the width of plant biomass conversion by fungi, including ascomycetes and basidiomycetes, saprobes, pathogens and symbionts, and address topics such as enzymes involved in the process, (post-)genomic comparison, gene regulation and links between biomass degradation and metabolic conversion of the released monomers. Several keynote lectures by prominent scientists will be included, as well as selected talks from abstracts, and poster presentations.
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Final program:

Monday August 28th 2017

09.00-10.20 registration and coffee (location: tent)
10.20-10.30 opening – Ronald de Vries (location: auditorium)

  10.30-12.00 Plenary Session 1 – chair: Jaap Visser (location: auditorium)

  10.30-11.00 Bernard Henrissat – Discovering novel CAZymes
  11.00-11.30 Monika Schmoll – Cellulose signal transduction impacts posttranscriptional regulation of cellulase gene expression in Trichoderma reesei
  11.30-12.00 Vincent Eijsink - Recent insights into the role of LPMOs and other redox enzymes in fungal polysaccharide degradation

  12.00-13.00 lunch (location: tent)

  13.00-14.00 Poster Session 1, odd numbers (location: tent)

  14.00-15.20 Abstract Session 1 – chair: Mikael Andersen (location: auditorium)

  14.00-14.20 Matthias Frommhagen – Lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases from Myceliophthora thermophila
  14.20-14.40 Ahn Dao – The industrial potential for fungal biodegradation using Rigidoporus sp.
  14.40-15.00 Camille Delude – Contribution of selected carbohydrate-active enzymes of Colletotrichum higginsianum and Zymoseptoria tritici to plant cell wall degradation
  15.00-15.20 Roxane Raulo – High-throughput screening of enzymatic cocktails obtained from the interaction of Zymoseptoria tritici with wheat straw

  15.20-15.45 coffee break (location: tent)

  15.45-17.05 Abstract Session 2 – chair: Bernhard Seiboth (location: auditorium)

  15.45-16.05 Ebru Alazi – Induction-independent production of pectinases in Aspergillus niger by overexpression of the D-galacturonic acid responsive transcription factor GaaR
  16.05-16.25 Lara Hassan – Understanding the confusion: Investigating the cross-talk between cellulose and mannan signaling in Neurospora crassa
  16.25-16.45 Joanna Kowalczyk – Combinatorial control of gene expression in Aspergillus niger grown on sugar beet pectin
  16.45-17.05 Solveig Tosi – Improving saccharification of rice straw by a Trichoderma asperellum strain growing in solid-state fermentation

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  19.30-21.00 Famous Fungi – talks by Patricia Faasse, Joan Bennett and Kathrin Wittstein (Location: Academiegebouw, Utrecht City Centre)

Tuesday August 29th 2017

  9.30-10.30 Abstract session 3 – chair: Kristiina Hildén (location: auditorium)

  9.30-9.50 Yitzhak Hadar – Can Pleurotus ostreatus be genetically modified towards increased pretreatment efficiency?
  9.50-10.10 Paul Daly – Dissecting the differences in the responses to hardwood and softwood by the white-rot Dichomitus squalens
  10.10-10.30 Jade O’Leary – Metabolomic profiling of a community of wood decay basidiomycetes during competitive interactions

  10.30-11.00 coffee break (location: tent)

  11.00-12.20 Abstract session 4 – chair: Scott Baker (location: auditorium)

  11.00-11.20 Ivan Schlembach – Screening and evaluation of cellulase producers for the consolidated bioprocessing of cellulose to itaconic acid
  11.20-11.40 Erzsébet Fekete – Production of itaconic acid from D-xylose by Aspergillus terreus
  11.40-12.00 Anna Malak – The role of gallic acid decarboxylase in the tannic acid degradation pathway in Arxula adeninivorans - adaptation to harsh environments
  12.00-12.20 Magnus Hallas-Møller – Secondary metabolite production of cereal associated Penicillia and their potential interaction with oxidative exo-enzymes

  12.20-13.20 lunch (location: tent)

  13.20-14.20 Poster Session 2, even numbers (location: tent)

  14.00-15.20 Plenary Session 2 – chair: Miia Mäkelä (location: auditorium)

  14.20-14.50 Antonio Pisabarro – Complementarity of the genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics studies to obtain a complete picture of the mechanisms of fungal transformation of lignocellulose
  14.50-15.20 Emma Master – Surface analysis techniques to evaluate enzyme function on increasingly complex lignocellulosic materials

  15.20-15.30 Poster Prices and Closing – Ronald de Vries (location: auditorium)

  15.30-18.00 Closing reception (location: Plaza)