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General information

 Taxon name:
 Name changes:Gloeoporus taxicola 
 Type of organism:Filamentous fungi 
 Other collections:UPSC 3604 
 History:Swedish Agric. Univ., Inst. Forest Products > 1994, UPSC 
 Herbarium number:UPS 
Biosafety and restrictions
 Biological Safety Level:BSL-1 
 Locality:Halland, Tönnersjöheden 
 Collected by:A. Käärik, Oct 1964 
 Isolated by:A. Käärik, 64.040, 1964 
 Deposited by:O. Constantinescu, UPSC 
 Substrate (including host):wood of pole 
 Collection date:oct 1964 
Miscellaneous information
 Price per culture:170 

Media and growth conditions

 Medium for growth:
 Isolation method:BA