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Remarks (internal):R. butomi, R. saprophytica, R. petrakiana and R. epistroma are morphologically hardly separable. R. butomi emend. is considered a hyperparasitic hyphomycete. The colonies are confined to immature fructifications of ascomycetes. The Australian R. dichosciadii Petr. is very closely allied, but can be distinguished by longer conidia. 
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Description:Ramularia butomi Lind, Annls mycol. 3: 431 (1905) emend. U. Braun Fig. 258
Syn.: = Ramularia saprophytica Bubák, Annls mycol. 4: 121 (1906) [holotype: on immature ascocarps, on dead stems of "Angelica officinalis" (= Heracleum sphondylium L.), Bohemia, Tábor, 2-5-1905, Bubák (BPI)]. º Ramulariella angelicae Bubák, in herb.
= R. petrakiana Moesz, A Magyar Tudom. Akad. Balk.-Kut. tud. ered., 3. Köt.: 152 (1926) [holotype: on immature ascocarps, on dead leaves of Edrajanthus graminifolius (L.) DC., Albania, near the frontier to Macedonia, Korab Mt., above the village Radomir, 26-11-1918, Kümmerle (BP); isotype: GZU].
= R. epistroma Moesz & Smarods, Bot. Közlem. 35: 27 (1938) [lectotype: on immature ascocarps, on dead stems of Viburnum opulus L., Latvia, Prov. Vidzeme, Distr. Valka, Jaunroze, 17-5-1937, Smarods (BP); isolectotypes: F. latv. exs. 848].
Lit.: Saccardo (1913: 1318, 1327), Lindau (1907: 435, 478), Vasil'evskij & Karakulin (1937: 61, 160), Vimba (1970: 132), Brandenburger (1985: 700).
Exs.: F. latv. exs. 848. Kab. & Bub., F. imp. exs. 387.
Hyperparasitic, arising from stromata and immature ascocarps of leaf and stem inhabiting ascomycetes on fading and dead plants. Mycelium internal; hyphae colourless. Caespituli effuse or subeffuse, greyish white. Conidiophores in small to moderately large fascicles, loose, often diffuse or scattered, in loose to dense layers, simple, flexuous, subcylindric to geniculate-sinuous, filiform, 8-60 x 1-4 ?m, continuous or septate, hyaline, smooth; conidial scars minute, slightly thickened and darkened. Conidia catenate, occasionally in branched chains, narrowly ellipsoid-ovoid, subcylindric-fusiform, (5-)8-16(-24) x (1.5-)2-3(-4) ?m, 0-1(-2)-septate, hyaline, verruculose, ends attenuated; hila minute, very slightly thickened and darkened.
Lectotypus: overgrowing dark brown ascomycetous stromata on dead leaves of Butomus umbellatus L., Sweden, Stockholm, 15-5-1905, Lind, Kab. & Bub., F. imp. exs. 387 (B). Isolectotypi: Kab. & Bub., F. imp. exs. 387.
Host range and distribution: on stromata and immature ascocarps of leaf and stem inhabiting ascomycetes, Europe - on Butomus umbellatus L. (S), Edrajanthus graminifolius (L.) DC. (AL), Heracleum sphondylium L. (CZ), Viburnum opulus L. (LV).
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