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Remarks (public):One species in the genus is accepted here. Another taxon with more or less subglobose spores, but evidently without spore-repetition, has been reported from Sweden (see Eriksson 1958) and determined as U. ochraceum (Massee) Donk. The type, however, of this species is missing at Kew (compare also Ginns 1982) and the name should preferably be omitted as a nom. dub. Nevertheless , the Swedish material obviously represents a taxon of its own but as the occurrence of spore-repetition is an important character in generic delimitation it should be described in another genus.

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Description:Uthatobasidium Donk - Reinwardtia 3:376, 1956.
Fruitbodies loosely adnate, lignicolous, more rarely growing on herbs, hypochnoid or mucedinoid, rarely pellicular, much reminding of some species of Botryobasidium; hyphal system monomitic with the hyphae similar to those of Thanatephorus and Ypsilonidium but with a slight cyanophilous reaction; cystidia absent; basidia normally with four sterigmata; spores citriform (in the type), moderately to distinctly thick-walled, repetitive, in some (older?) specimens faintly dextrinoid, with a slight or sometimes?' rather strong cyanophilous reaction.
Type species: Hypochnus fusisporus Schroet.
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