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 Summary:Grandinia Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 527 (1838) [MB#22174] 
 Synonymy:=Chaetoporellus Bondartsev & Singer, Annales Mycologici 39 (1): 50 (1941) [MB#39066]
=Chaetoporellus Bondartsev & Singer ex Singer, Mycologia 36 (1): 66 (1944) [MB#17274]
=Hyphodontia J. Erikss., Symbolae Botanicae Upsalienses 16 (1): 101 (1958) [MB#17826]
 MycoBank #:22174 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr. 
 Page #:527 
 Year of effective publication:1838 
 Remarks:nomen rejiciendum against Hyphodontia J.Eriksson 

Classification and associated taxa

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Grandinia abieticola, Grandinia abrotani, Grandinia accumulata, Grandinia agardhii, Grandinia alienata, Grandinia alnicola, Grandinia alutacea, Grandinia alutaria, Grandinia arachnoidea, Grandinia arguta, Grandinia arguta, Grandinia aspera, Grandinia australis, Grandinia barba-jovis, Grandinia bicolor, Grandinia bondarzewii, Grandinia brassicicola, Grandinia braunii, Grandinia bresadolae, Grandinia breviseta, Grandinia brinkmannii, Grandinia burtii, Grandinia ceracea, Grandinia cervina, Grandinia cineracea, Grandinia cinereoviolacea, Grandinia clelandii, Grandinia coriacea, Grandinia coriaria, Grandinia corrugata, Grandinia cristulata, Grandinia crustosa, Grandinia curvispora, Grandinia deflectens, Grandinia dubiosa, Grandinia efibulata, Grandinia erikssonii, Grandinia exsudans, Grandinia farinacea, Grandinia floccosa, Grandinia fugax, Grandinia fuscolutea, Grandinia glauca, Grandinia granulosa, Grandinia granulosa, Grandinia halonata, Grandinia hastata, Grandinia helvetica, Grandinia involuta, Grandinia juniperi, Grandinia lanata, Grandinia lateritia, Grandinia latitans, Grandinia livescens, Grandinia lividocarnea, Grandinia lunata, Grandinia luteocinerea, Grandinia luteofulva, Grandinia membranacea, Grandinia microspora, Grandinia microspora, Grandinia microsporella, Grandinia microthelia, Grandinia mucida, Grandinia muelleri, Grandinia muscicola, Grandinia muscicola, Grandinia mutabilis, Grandinia nespori, Grandinia nivea, Grandinia ocellata, Grandinia pallidula, Grandinia papillosa, Grandinia papulosa, Grandinia parasitica, Grandinia pilaecystidiata, Grandinia pileata, Grandinia pisiformis, Grandinia polycocca, Grandinia pruinata, Grandinia pruni, Grandinia quercina, Grandinia raduloides, Grandinia ravenelli, Grandinia rigida, Grandinia rimosissima, Grandinia rosea, Grandinia rudis, Grandinia sambuci, Grandinia schweinitzii, Grandinia serialis, Grandinia sordidissima, Grandinia spathulata, Grandinia stenospora, Grandinia stimulispora, Grandinia straminella, Grandinia subalutacea, Grandinia subochracea, Grandinia subochracea, Grandinia sudans, Grandinia sulphurea, Grandinia sulphurella, Grandinia sulphureoochracea, Grandinia sulphureoochracea, Grandinia sulphureoochracea, Grandinia tabacina, Grandinia taquarae, Grandinia terrestris, Grandinia tomentosa, Grandinia transiens, Grandinia tuberculata, Grandinia vaga, Grandinia verruculosa, Grandinia virescens
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