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General information

 Summary:Rhizoctonia DC., Flore française 6: 110 (1815) [MB#9725] 
 Synonymy:≡Rhizoctomus Pers., Traité sur les Champignons Comestibles: 140 (1818) [MB#39275]
=Moniliopsis Ruhland, Arbeiten K. Biol Anst. Land- Forstwirtsch.: 76 (1908) [MB#8968]
 MycoBank #:9725 
 Authors (abbreviated):DC. 
 Page #:110 
 Year of effective publication:1815 
 Comment on name status:Nom. cons., typ. cons., see Art. 14 
 Remarks:conserved type (see Stalpers et al. 1998) 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:LV 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Rhizoctonia aderholdii, Rhizoctonia aderholdii, Rhizoctonia aerea, Rhizoctonia alba, Rhizoctonia allii, Rhizoctonia alpina, Rhizoctonia amygdalispora, Rhizoctonia anaticula, Rhizoctonia anceps, Rhizoctonia anomala, Rhizoctonia apocynacearum, Rhizoctonia arachnion, Rhizoctonia asclerotica, Rhizoctonia asparagi, Rhizoctonia asparagi, Rhizoctonia aurantiaca, Rhizoctonia batatas, Rhizoctonia bataticola, Rhizoctonia betae, Rhizoctonia bicolor, Rhizoctonia bicornis, Rhizoctonia borealis, Rhizoctonia brassicarum, Rhizoctonia butinii, Rhizoctonia callae, Rhizoctonia candida, Rhizoctonia carnea, Rhizoctonia carotae, Rhizoctonia cavendishiana, Rhizoctonia centrifuga, Rhizoctonia cerealis, Rhizoctonia choussii, Rhizoctonia coniothecioides, Rhizoctonia crocorum, Rhizoctonia dauci, Rhizoctonia destruens, Rhizoctonia dichotoma, Rhizoctonia dimorpha, Rhizoctonia endophytica, Rhizoctonia ferrugena, Rhizoctonia ferruginea, Rhizoctonia floccosa, Rhizoctonia fragariae, Rhizoctonia fraxini, Rhizoctonia fuliginea, Rhizoctonia fumigata, Rhizoctonia fusca, Rhizoctonia fusispora, Rhizoctonia globispora, Rhizoctonia globularis, Rhizoctonia goodyerae-repentis, Rhizoctonia gossypii, Rhizoctonia gossypinum, Rhizoctonia gracilis, Rhizoctonia grisea, Rhizoctonia hiemalis, Rhizoctonia himantia, Rhizoctonia juniperi, Rhizoctonia lamellifera, Rhizoctonia lanuginosa, Rhizoctonia leguminicola, Rhizoctonia lilacina, Rhizoctonia lupini, Rhizoctonia macrosclerotia, Rhizoctonia mali, Rhizoctonia medicaginis, Rhizoctonia melongenae, Rhizoctonia menthae, Rhizoctonia microsclerotia, Rhizoctonia moniliformis, Rhizoctonia monilioides, Rhizoctonia monteithiana, Rhizoctonia mucoroides, Rhizoctonia muneratii, Rhizoctonia muscorum, Rhizoctonia nandorii, Rhizoctonia napae, Rhizoctonia napae, Rhizoctonia napaeae, Rhizoctonia napi, Rhizoctonia neottiae, Rhizoctonia noxia, Rhizoctonia obscura, Rhizoctonia ochracea, Rhizoctonia orobanches, Rhizoctonia oryzae, Rhizoctonia oryzae-sativae, Rhizoctonia pallida, Rhizoctonia papayae, Rhizoctonia pini-insignis, Rhizoctonia placenta, Rhizoctonia potomacensis, Rhizoctonia praticola, Rhizoctonia pseudocornigera, Rhizoctonia psycodis, Rhizoctonia quercina, Rhizoctonia quercus, Rhizoctonia radiciformis, Rhizoctonia ramicola, Rhizoctonia rapae, Rhizoctonia repens, Rhizoctonia robusta, Rhizoctonia rubi, Rhizoctonia rubiae, Rhizoctonia rubiginosa, Rhizoctonia sclerotica, Rhizoctonia silvestris, Rhizoctonia solani, Rhizoctonia sphacelati, Rhizoctonia sphaerospora, Rhizoctonia stahlii, Rhizoctonia sterigmatica, Rhizoctonia stridii, Rhizoctonia strobi, Rhizoctonia strobilina, Rhizoctonia suavis, Rhizoctonia subepigaea, Rhizoctonia subtilis, Rhizoctonia tabifica, Rhizoctonia terrigena, Rhizoctonia theobromae, Rhizoctonia tomato, Rhizoctonia tricolor, Rhizoctonia tuliparum, Rhizoctonia versicolor, Rhizoctonia violacea, Rhizoctonia zeae
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