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General information

 Summary:Sphaerites Unger: 37 (1850) [MB#21306] 
 MycoBank #:21306 
 Authors (abbreviated):Unger 
 Page #:37 
 Journal or book:Unger 1850, Gen. Sp. Pl. Foss.: 37 
 Year of effective publication:1850 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
108 Associated records (click to hide):
Sphaerites acericola, Sphaerites achreius, Sphaerites acuminatus, Sphaerites amygdali, Sphaerites annulifer, Sphaerites annulus, Sphaerites antheraeformis, Sphaerites arcticus, Sphaerites areolatus, Sphaerites atomarius, Sphaerites atomicus, Sphaerites baccharicola, Sphaerites braunii, Sphaerites bumeliarum, Sphaerites buxi, Sphaerites carbonarius, Sphaerites carpini, Sphaerites caryae, Sphaerites ceuthocarpoides, Sphaerites cinnamomi, Sphaerites circulifer, Sphaerites concentricus, Sphaerites connatus, Sphaerites cretaceus, Sphaerites dalbergiae, Sphaerites daphnes, Sphaerites deperditus, Sphaerites disciformis, Sphaerites dispersus, Sphaerites dryadum, Sphaerites duncani, Sphaerites effossus, Sphaerites eucalypti, Sphaerites eugeniophilus, Sphaerites evanescens, Sphaerites excipuloides, Sphaerites feistmantelianus, Sphaerites fici, Sphaerites fici-tenuinervis, Sphaerites flabellariae, Sphaerites gaudinii, Sphaerites gloeosporioides, Sphaerites gloeosporoides, Sphaerites glomeratus, Sphaerites hyperboreus, Sphaerites interpungens, Sphaerites intumescens, Sphaerites italicus, Sphaerites kinkelini, Sphaerites kunkleri, Sphaerites kutschlinicus, Sphaerites lapideus, Sphaerites leguminosarum, Sphaerites lesquereuxii, Sphaerites limbatus, Sphaerites maculifer, Sphaerites mediterraneus, Sphaerites microstigma, Sphaerites milliarius, Sphaerites minutissimus, Sphaerites minutulus, Sphaerites minutus, Sphaerites morloti, Sphaerites muenzenbergensis, Sphaerites mureti, Sphaerites muricatus, Sphaerites myricae, Sphaerites nervisequus, Sphaerites palaeodaphnes, Sphaerites palaeojuglandis, Sphaerites palaeolauri, Sphaerites palaeolentisci, Sphaerites palaeosantali, Sphaerites palaeosapindi, Sphaerites palaeotyphae, Sphaerites perforans, Sphaerites persistens, Sphaerites phragmitis, Sphaerites phyllostictoides, Sphaerites pini, Sphaerites pinicola, Sphaerites primaevus, Sphaerites pristinus, Sphaerites problematicus, Sphaerites proximus, Sphaerites punctiformis, Sphaerites regularis, Sphaerites rhamni, Sphaerites rhytismoides, Sphaerites salicis, Sphaerites schoeneggensis, Sphaerites secretanii, Sphaerites sismondae, Sphaerites socialis, Sphaerites solitarius, Sphaerites suessii, Sphaerites transiens, Sphaerites trogii, Sphaerites turbineus, Sphaerites ungeri, Sphaerites vaccinii, Sphaerites vagans, Sphaerites venisequus, Sphaerites verrucarioides, Sphaerites vetustus, Sphaerites weberi, Sphaerites widdringtoniae, Sphaerites zosterae

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