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How to search our databases button-SmallHelp

The BioloMICSNet Software facilitates interrogation of the available databases. The Basic search allows you to search on any kind of field.

Should you need to build more complex queries, then the Advanced search ( button-SmallHelp) will allow you to customize the query.

The following link: BioloMICS Search will redirect you to the Search page

Similarity based on on-line pair-wise alignments button-SmallHelp

The BioloMICSNet Software facilitates identifications by the performance of on-line pair-wise and probabilistic sequences (DNA and/or Proteins) identifications.

The following link: BioloMICS Sequence Pairwise Alignment will redirect you to the BioloMICS Sequence Pairwise Alignment page

Polyphasic online identification button-SmallHelp

The BioloMICSNet Software has facilitated performance of on-line polyphasic identifications since the first version produced in 1999. Depending on the databases and the criteria that are available, a wide range of characteristics can be entered, combined and analyzed to obtain an identification of an unknown. The more criteria used, the more likely the identification will be reliable. The current on-line version of the software also facilitates for the production of phenetic trees.

For a complete description on fields and algorithms used in the polyphasic identification: button-SmallHelp

The following link: BioloMICS Polyphasic Identification will redirect you to the BioloMICS Polyphasic Identification page

Deposit of user's data

BioloMICSNet users willing to deposit their data or to order items using the cart system, will have to register. We need to be able to contact the depositor/client For specific information (e.g. BioloMICSNet number, possible points of clarification, for example regarding the name, actual date of publication, etc), and we also need to ensure all entries are genuine.

To register for the first time follow the steps below:

1. Enter your email address (see Register New User), click on the 'Create New Profile' button to receive a provisional password by email (this is to make sure that the provided email is real and that you are the person that can open the given email).

2. Read your email and go to the Register menu again. Enter your email and password (obtained by email). Click on the "Login" button and access the BioloMICSNet profile form where personal information has to be entered. Change the password and personalize it. Click on the "Save profile" button. You will then be registered and ready to deposit new items (strains, species, etc) or to order items on-line via the Cart system.

Link your website
Software developers can connect their website to BioloMICSNet.

Basic address 1:

Basic address 2:


V1: Database Name (see 'Database' block ' below) where to find the wanted record (see table below for more information)

V2: Table Layout Name (see 'Fields Code' block below) where to find the wanted record (see table below for more information)

V3: Name of the wanted record

V4: Fields code (see 'Fields code' below) to be displayed. To display all fields use the 'All' value (ex.: &Fields =All). To display only one field, just paste the code of the field next to the & Fields tag (ex.: &Fields =E1). To display several fields, use several & Fields tag (ex.: &Fields=E1&Fields=T4&Fields=P8). Only the fields that are not empty will be displayed. See table below for more information on fields codes.

V5: Exact match for the queries. Use T for true or F for False (ex.: &ExactMatch =T). Relevant if V3 (Name specified). 'ExactMatch=T' will search for record where Name equals the given value while 'ExactMatch=F' will search for records where Name contains the given value.

V6: Unique ID of a given record (ex.: &Rec =1)

Information details on Database:

Database name: CBS Database
Login is required to access Database ; please Go to the Register Page ....
Click here to return to the Register page: Register

Contact(s) for Database: CBS Database

The following link: BioloMICS Contact information will redirect you to the BioloMICS Contact information page

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