Sarah De Saeger by Webmaster Keynote speakers Rise of the Fungi 2020-01-14 14:10:41

keynote speaker of ‘Fungi and food security: a rising global issue’ will be Prof. Dr. Sarah De Saeger. She is head of the Centre of Excellence in Mycotoxicology and Public Health at Ghent University, Belgium, and coordinator of the international thematic network MYTOX-SOUTH.
It’s on that account she will focus on the huge impact of mycotoxins in developing countries. Yes, there is a growing problem especially because of climate change. On the other hand: ‘Scientists really can have an impact on policy.’ De Saeger speaks from experience: one of her former students is now working at the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development in Zimbabwe.
Mycotoxins affect people in different ways: they can cause acute infections and death, but the toxins can also have a long-lasting impact on human health. Besides that, there are the huge economic aspects.
Main problems in developing countries are low awareness and not enough technical capacity to take precautions. Laws are sometimes in place but not enforced.
De Saeger discusses the problems and the measures that are being taken. One of them is the network MYTOX-SOUTH. ‘It’s all about Human Capacity Building.’.