Gianluigi Cardinali by Webmaster Keynote speakers Rise of the Fungi 2020-01-14 14:01:33

keynote speaker for ‘Naming Fungal Taxa: From Linnaeus to Genomes’. Cardinali is Full Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Perugia in Italy (note: this university is of a respectable age; it was founded in 1308).
‘Identification and species delimitation, the magnitude of the problems and possible solutions’ is the title of his talk. Ever since the new DNA techniques, the field is struggling with the consequences of the move from old, and still working, morphological taxonomy, to DNA-based taxonomy. At the same time, approaches such as phylogeny and phenetics are used interchangeably, generating theoretical confusion in the field.
This session of the meeting aims at increasing awareness of the problem that existing species concepts and associated nomenclatural rules are inadequate to deal with the insights that may be gained by the rapid evolution of molecular tools
Cardinali wants to take the discussion a step further by doing an interactive survey. With that, he hopes to start a ‘white book’; a general framework to establish a consensus about species delimitation and sort concepts or at least shed light on the issue.