Matthew Fisher by Webmaster Keynote speakers Rise of the Fungi 2020-02-26 10:15:52

Aspergillus & azole-resistance at a global scale
Professor Matthew Fisher

Keynote speaker ofthe session: ‘Human health: fungi on the move’ will be Matthew Fisher, professor of Fungal Disease Epidemiology at St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College London.

Matthew Fisher’s main interest lies in the biological and environmental factors driving emerging infectious disease. In this talk he will focus on the emergence of azole-resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus. New and unprecedented research points to the use of azoles in the environment as the main cause of resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus. ‘Azole resistance is a very recent problem, it only emerged in the 1990’s, around the time azoles were introduced in agriculture. Our research shows azole resistance evolved a very limited number of times, maybe only once, and after that it spread globally and very fast.’ Fisher has used genome sequencing of 600 isolates from all over the world in order to establish the source (or sources) of the resistance.
So far he has published only a small part of the research. At ‘Rise of the fungi’ he will uncover more of the outcomes from his research group. He will also discuss two promising new drugs and suspected hotspots of amplification of azole resistance such as the Dutch bulb industry.