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The participants come from all over the world and have diverse interests: some people come to update their knowledge, some to be introduced to the field. All participants are enthusiastic about the course and tThe course was in 2019 rated with a nine (on a scale of 10). The course and was nominated for the "best master course" by the Utrecht University graduate school of life sciences., showing the interest of this course for students as well.

Background information

Two courses on different, but connected topics are taught in this week: "Food and Indoor Mycology" (3 days) and "Introduction to novel identification methods of food- and indoor fungi" (2 days). This course in the identification and detection of food- and indoor fungi is unique in the world. It is packed with background information on several subjects, such as the recognition, detection, occurrence and impact of these fungi on food products and in human dwellings. After completion of both courses, you will also be up to date in detection and identification of food- and indoor fungi. We aim to reach a broad audience, including people that work in food and indoor related companies, (routine) laboratories, academia and research institutes, who would like to expand their knowledge on fungi occurring on food and in indoor environments.

The course "Food and Indoor Mycology" (5-7 October 2020) focuses on the classical detection and identification methods of food- and indoor fungi. A hands-on training will be taught in phenotype-based identification of common food- and airborne contaminants. In the course "DNA-based identification methods of fungi" (8-9 October 2020) we aim to give insight in the recent development in this field. Besides in-depth presentation of various topics (see website), the course offers training in DNA based identification and sequence data interpretation and analysis.