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Order your copy now!Foliar pathogens of eucalypts
Authors: P.W. Crous, M.J. Wingfield, R. Cheewangkoon, A.J. Carnegie, T. Burgess, B.A. Summerell, J. Edwards, P.W.J. Taylor, and J.Z. Groenewald 
Details: softcover, 261 pp, full colour
Price: € 55,-
ISBN: 978-94-91751-19-6

There are more than 800 species of eucalypts, several of which are grown for paper, pulp and timber. However, these trees suffer from several debilitating leaf and shoot diseases which severely impede growth, and can even lead to tree death. In this study 110 different fungal genera associated with foliar disease symptoms of these hosts are treated. Fungal diagnoses and disease symptoms are supplied, enabling users to identify the causal organisms. The book is also supplemented by an index to fungal species, and an extensive supplementary table with hosts, distribution, fungal isolates and DNA barcodes of the various species treated, making this a valuable resource for diagnosticians and for forest pathologists alike.

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Sowerby's English Fungi



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Sowerby's English Fungi


Vol II

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MISCELLANEA MYCOLOGICA by Webmaster Mycoheritage 2019-10-04 09:14:04
Sowerby's English Fungi



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L'ERBARIO MICOLOGICO DI P.A. SACCARDO CATALOGO by Webmaster Mycoheritage 2019-10-04 09:09:46
Sowerby's English Fungi

Per eura de G. GOLA

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Order your copy now!Westerdijk Laboratory Manual Series No. 2
Food and Indoor Fungi – Second edition
Editor(s):Robert A. Samson, Jos Houbraken, Ulf Thrane, Jens C. Frisvad & Birgitte Andersen
Details:Hardcover, bound, 481 pp, full colour
Price: € 85,-
ISBN: 978-94-91751-18-9

Fungi are present in the built environment, where people spend major parts of their lives. When moisture is available, fungal growth causes material deterioration and affects the health of the occupants, including allergic reactions and infections (e.g. aspergillosis in hospital settings). Also, the relevance of fungal food contaminants and their mycotoxins is ever increasing. They cause losses worldwide, and are key responsible for food insecurity in tropical Africa and other developing countries.  Furthermore, they affect food safety and health via the production of numerous mycotoxins, both pre- and post-harvest, in food and feed. The mycobiota of food and indoor environments are related.

The lab manual Food and Indoor Fungi (2nd edition, Westerdijk Institute) is a standard reference source for information on food and indoor fungi. Previous editions have been cited over 3000 times, indicating the relevance of this manual in the community studying indoor and food fungi. This book is especially suited for training people with different interests and backgrounds (e.g. students, indoor air specialists, hygienists, lab technicians, academics). The book is richly illustrated with more than 300 colour plates, most of them as full page. It also contains introductory texts to the genera, many keys to the important species and an index.

Correct identification of indoor and food fungi is difficult, but crucial, as this is at the base of all information. Due to the introduction of the single-name nomenclature and the advances in taxonomy, many (new) genera and species names were introduced in the last years. It is difficult for the end-users to keep up with the latest taxonomic changes. Over the last decades, an abundance of information on food- and indoor fungi was generated, such as data on physiology, mycotoxin production, ecology and pathogenicity. These data are dispersed over many publications and books. Furthermore, incorrect information is also being published and chronically used/reported. A resource-linking, state-of-the-art species definition with curated, state-of-the-art information is therefore the crucial first step in many studies.

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February 10-14 2020
Venue: Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Utrecht, Uppsalalaan 8, The Netherlands.
Price: € 1700.-

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