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Item name  

Colony texture    Go to top of form  
fluid:?  No  Variable  Yes  
mucoid:?  No  Variable  Yes  
butyrous:?  No  Variable  Yes  
membranous:?  No  Variable  Yes  

Colony appearance    Go to top of form  
arachnoid:?  No  Variable  Yes  
farinose:?  No  Variable  Yes  
smooth:?  No  Variable  Yes  
venose:?  No  Variable  Yes  
warty:?  No  Variable  Yes  
furrowed:?  No  Variable  Yes  

Colony colour    Go to top of form  
white:?  No  Variable  Yes  
cream:?  No  Variable  Yes  
yellowish:?  No  Variable  Yes  
orange:?  No  Variable  Yes  
pink:?  No  Variable  Yes  
red:?  No  Variable  Yes  
buff:?  No  Variable  Yes  
dark brown to black:?  No  Variable  Yes  

Colony margin    Go to top of form  
entire and/or eroded
entire and/or other
eroded and/or other
entire and/or eroded and/or other

Reddish diffusing pigment    Go to top of form  
not produced
produced and/or not produced

Filaments    Go to top of form  
no hyphae
pseudohyphae and/or no pseudohyphae
septate hyphae
septate hyphae and/or no hyphae
pseudohyphae and/or septate hyphae
septate hyphae, pseudohyphae and/or no hyphae

Cell shape    Go to top of form  
lemon:?  No  Variable  Yes  
triangular:?  No  Variable  Yes  
lunate:?  No  Variable  Yes  
allantoid:?  No  Variable  Yes  
round:?  No  Variable  Yes  
oval:?  No  Variable  Yes  
cylindrical:?  No  Variable  Yes  
fusiform:?  No  Variable  Yes  
dumb-bell shaped:?  No  Variable  Yes  

Asexual reproduction    Go to top of form  
fission:?  No  Variable  Yes  
budding:?  No  Variable  Yes  
multilateral budding:?  No  Variable  Yes  
bipolar budding:?  No  Variable  Yes  
monopolar budding:?  No  Variable  Yes  
sympodial budding:?  No  Variable  Yes  
annellidic (percurrent) budding:?  No  Variable  Yes  
on sterigma:?  No  Variable  Yes  
on denticles:?  No  Variable  Yes  
arthroconidia:?  No  Variable  Yes  
chlamydospores:?  No  Variable  Yes  
endospores:?  No  Variable  Yes  
symmetrical ballistoconidia:?  No  Variable  Yes  
asymmetrical ballistoconidia:?  No  Variable  Yes  

Conjugation    Go to top of form  
cell with cell:?  No  Variable  Yes  
cell with its bud:?  No  Variable  Yes  
clamp connexions:?  No  Variable  Yes  
pseudoclamp connexions:?  No  Variable  Yes  

Sexual reproduction    Go to top of form  
no sexual reproduction

Teliospores    Go to top of form  
no teliospores
angular and/or no teliospores
round to oval
round to oval and/or no teliospores
angular to round to oval
angular to round to oval and/or no teliospores

Asci shape    Go to top of form  
not club shaped
club shaped
not club shaped and/or club shaped
no asci

Asci evanescence    Go to top of form  
evanescent and/or persistent
no asci

Number of ascospores per ascus    Go to top of form  

Ascospores shape    Go to top of form  
hat shaped:?  No  Variable  Yes  
cap shaped:?  No  Variable  Yes  
saturn shaped:?  No  Variable  Yes  
walnut shaped:?  No  Variable  Yes  
conical:?  No  Variable  Yes  
oblong:?  No  Variable  Yes  
round:?  No  Variable  Yes  
oval:?  No  Variable  Yes  
smooth:?  No  Variable  Yes  
rough:?  No  Variable  Yes  
reniform:?  No  Variable  Yes  
allantoid:?  No  Variable  Yes  
needle shaped:?  No  Variable  Yes  
whip like:?  No  Variable  Yes  

Ascospores with gelatinous sheath    Go to top of form  
no and/or yes
no ascospores

Ascospores with a groove    Go to top of form  
no and/or yes
no ascospores

Basidia shape    Go to top of form  
clavate and/or/to cylindrical
clavate and/or capitate
cylindrical and/or capitate
clavate and/or cylindrical and/or capitate
no basidia

Basidia catenate-solitary    Go to top of form  
solitary and/or catenate
no basidia

Basidia septation    Go to top of form  
one celled
transversely septate
one celled and/or transversely septate
longitudinally-obliquely septate
one celled and/or longitudinally-obliquely septate
transversely septate and/or longitudinally-obliquely septate
all forms possible
no basidia


D-Glucose (F1)    Go to top of form  
-, +

D-Galactose (F2)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Maltose (F3)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Me a-D-Glucoside (F4)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Sucrose (F5)    Go to top of form  
-, +

a,a-Trehalose (F6)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Melibiose (F7)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Lactose (F8)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Cellobiose (F9)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Melezitose (F10)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Raffinose (F11)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Inulin (F12)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Starch (F13)    Go to top of form  
-, +

D-Xylose (F14)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Assimilations & growth tests

Temperatures growths tests     Go to top of form  
at 4ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 12ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 15ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 19ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 21ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 25ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 30ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 35ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 37ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 40ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 42ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  
at 45ºC:?  No  Variable  Yes  

Assimilations    Go to top of form  
Glucose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Inulin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Sucrose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Raffinose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Melibiose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Galactose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Lactose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Trehalose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Maltose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Melezitose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Methyl-α-D-glucoside:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Soluble starch:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Cellobiose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Salicin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
L-Sorbose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
L-Rhamnose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
D-Xylose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
L-Arabinose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
D-Arabinose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
D-Ribose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Methanol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Ethanol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Glycerol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Erythritol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Ribitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Galactitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
D-Mannitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
D-Glucitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
myo-Inositol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
DL-Lactate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Succinate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Citrate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
D-Gluconate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
D-Glucosamine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Hexadecane:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Nitrate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Nitrite:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Vitamin-free:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
2-Keto-D-gluconate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
5-Keto-D-gluconate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Saccharate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Xylitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
L-Arabinitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Arbutin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Propane 1,2 diol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Butane 2,3 diol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Cadaverine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Creatinine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
L-Lysine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Ethylamine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
50% Glucose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
10% NaCl/5% glucose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Starch formation:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Urease:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Gelatin liquefaction:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Cycloheximide 0.01%:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
Cycloheximide 0.1%:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  

Yeasts physiological data    Go to top of form  
C1 D-Glucose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C2 D-Galactose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C3 L-Sorbose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C4 D-Glucosamine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C5 D-Ribose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C6 D-Xylose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C7 L-Arabinose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C8 D-Arabinose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C9 L-Rhamnose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C10 Sucrose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C11 Maltose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C12 a,a-Trehalose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C13 Me a-D-Glucoside:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C14 Cellobiose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C15 Salicin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C16 Arbutin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C17 Melibiose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C18 Lactose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C19 Raffinose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C20 Melezitose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C21 Inulin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C22 Starch:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C23 Glycerol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C24 Erythritol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C25 Ribitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C26 Xylitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C27 L-Arabinitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C28 D-Glucitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C29 D-Mannitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C30 Galactitol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C31 myo-Inositol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C32 D-Glucono-1,5-lactone:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C33 2-Keto-D-Gluconate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C34 5-Keto-D-Gluconate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C35 D-Gluconate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C36 D-Glucuronate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C37 D-Galacturonate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C38 DL-Lactate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C39 Succinate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C40 Citrate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C43 Propane 1,2 diol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C44 Butane 2,3 diol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C45 Quinic acid:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C46 D-glucarate/Saccharate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C47 D-Galactonate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C48 Palatinose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C49 Levulinate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C50 L-Malic acid:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C51 L-Tartaric acid:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C52 D-Tartaric acid:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C53 meso-Tartaric acid:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C54 Galactaric acid:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C55 Uric acid:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C56 Gentobiose:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C57 Ethylene glycol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C58 Tween 40:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C59 Tween 60:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
C60 Tween 80:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N1 Nitrate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N2 Nitrite:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N3 Ethylamine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N4 L-Lysine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N5 Cadaverine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N6 Creatine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N7 Creatinine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N8 Glucosamine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N9 Imidazole:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N10 D-Tryptophan:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N11 D-Proline:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
N12 Putrescine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V1 w/o vitamins:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V2 w/o myo-Inositol:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V3 w/o Pantothenate:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V4 w/o Biotin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V5 w/o Thiamin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V6 w/o Biotin & Thiamin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V7 w/o Pyridoxine:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V8 w/o Pyridoxine & Thiamin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V9 w/o Niacin:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
V10 w/o PABA:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
O1 Cycloheximide 0.01%:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
O2 Cycloheximide 0.1%:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
O3 Acetic acid 1%:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
O6 10% NaCl:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
O7 16% NaCl:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
O8 Growth at pH=3:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
O9 Growth at pH=9.5:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  
O10 Fluconazole:?  Negative  Variable  Positive  

Acid acetic production (M2)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Diazonium Blue B reaction (M4)    Go to top of form  
-, +

Coenzyme Q system    Go to top of form  

rDNA sequences 26S (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

rDNA sequences 18S (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

rDNA sequences ITS (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

Actin (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

EF1a (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

Beta tubulin (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

RPB1 (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

RPB2 (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

Calmodulin (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

Miscellaneous sequences (Paste sequence):    Go to top of form  

Molecular % G+C (Average)    Go to top of form